Earth Spirit Photographs was born out of my growing and every expanding need to travel and my passion for bringing as many images of any given journey home with me.

2000 - The seed begins to sprout. Though still employed full time, I began to plan vacations farther away from home. This is the year my mother bought me my first good camera for my birthday. And upon my returns home, my friends where in awe of my images and suggested over and over again that I should consider selling them.

Decorative Scenic Photography

2007 - location:  Born in Berkeley, Raised in Oakland California that is, but knowing my home is the planet Earth. Everything fasinates me, from our majestic mountain ranges, to our powerful ocean, from our secluded rain forest to our hidden water fall. So much culture! From the smallest village to the mightiest of cities, what we have been given and what we create are amazing!

My intention is to see as much of our home as I can while I am here. And to share as much of my experience with as many as I can through my images.  I wish to leave a legacy of imagery showing the  beauty of my experience of life on Earth.

The exploration continues!

My Short Biography

Earth Spirit Photographs